Friday, November 16, 2012

Maker's Market


Ms. Vintage wanted to introduce you to several more artisans whose work I admired at the Maker's Market at the Aldrich Contemporary Museum of Art.

MeowMeowTweet creates soaps, candles and toiletries using certified organic plant oils, butters and botanicals. They are based in Brooklyn, New York. 

This is their grapefruit mint soap. We have a bar of their lavender soap and it is heaven.

I am going to buy this candle
for a gift. 

Across from our booth in the tent was a display of Palo Samko's woodwork art.  Using recycled and sustainable materials in his studio in the Brooklyn navy yards, Samko creates beautiful furniture, clocks and vessels.

His website is so inspiring...
go have a look!

Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to share Tina Petra's jewelry with you.

Her jewelry is so sculptural, so delicate
so timeless....and so feminine!

Which necklace or ring 
would you choose?

Thank you for sharing the work of these artisans with me!  

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